How To Make PCB At Home

Printed circuit board (PCB) is just a mechanical structure that consists of layers of fiberglass sheet laminated with etched copper patterns. The good side with PCB is you may easily make it in your home.

Once you have these exact things you ought to make use of a laser printer and an a4 photo paper to have a print out of your PCB. When doing so you should remember to spend the mirror printout. You should also make sure you turn off the advanced and optimal printer settings.

You PCB fabrication need to slice the design over the boarders and set it to the aluminum clad board. You should then use a ruler and pen to draw the boarders.

After doing so you should rub the aluminum side of the board with scotch-brite as a way to make sure that PCB is free from oil or grease. Once you have cleaned it you need to be careful and make certain you don’t touch the copper surface with your palms.

After doing so you should place some nail polish remover on a tissue paper and gently rub on the tissue paper on the face of this plank. Again after doing this you should be careful and stay away from touching the top of the board with your palms.

You should then move the printed image from the photo to the board and put the aluminum surface of the board on the printed layout. To be on the safe side you should guarantee that the board is aligned properly over the boundaries of the printed design.

To hold the plank and also the printed design in position, you should cut a couple of small pieces of cello tape and put them across the two sides of their plank. You need to be aware when doing this and make certain you set the cello tape on the non-copper side.

The next thing that you need to do would be to heat up the iron to the most iron and temperature that the photo paper for approximately five minutes. You need to be attentive when ironing in order to avoid damaging the photo document. To prevent damage you need to make use of the tip of the iron into iron.

Once you are done together with the ironing you should place some plain water in to the plastic container and immerse the plank into it as a way to cool down the board. You then need to remove the paper from the PCB by means of a toothbrush.

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